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Here Is What Our Software Does
We Provide Everything You Need To Grow Your List of Your Best Customers.

Grab Your Best Customers Attention & Put Them On Your List!

Every time someone texts your keyword to your unique number, they get an answer from the system and are added to your list. And the real benefit is that you own the list! The cool part is that all the technology has been set up for you by My Expert Marketing. After the system is set up all you need to do is log into the program and start sending out messages in a matter of seconds.

  10 keywords for different locations
  Graphics for handing out and posting at the location using customized colors to match your branding.
  Ability to send out broadcast messages to one list at a time or to all of you lists at once.
  The Food Truck Text messaging program comes with 1000 Messages

No more depending on Facebook as your only connection to your customers.

We will ask the customer to send their city and zip code to sign up. This way, you can get a list of each of the cities you are in. When you move, just text "Hi! I'm opening my food truck in another city." We will then send that text to your new location's list of built-in customers. You are busy running a food truck and don't want to keep answering texts, so the system does most of the work for you, and we do all the heavy lifting when setting it up for you.

  Dashboard to manage the list of numbers
  All technology set up by My Expert Marketing
  Training on how to use the system and ongoing help

With our Food Truck Location widget you can stop worrying about where the customers are coming from and focus on what you do best Making Great Food!

Now that you know the benefits of SMS text messaging, it’s time to take advantage of this amazing marketing tool. Establishing an SMS opt-in list of potential clients that belongs to you is a great way to stay in touch with your customers and build loyalty. Text or call today if you're interested in getting started building lasting relationships between you and your customer base through texting!